Momo Lee. Capturing the essence of life through a lens.

New York-family-photogrpaher-Manhattan

Hi, I am Momo.

Hello, I'm Momo, a photographer residing in New York. Alongside being a mom to a son, a daughter, and an 80lb Samoyed.

I've harbored dreams since childhood—of donning clothes I've crafted, inhabiting a home of my own design, and passionately documenting it all in my unique style and hues.

My love for photography runs deep in my family - my grandmother was a talented photographer who inspired me to follow in her footsteps.

Then came my push gift—a professional camera—ushering in the possibility of turning dreams into reality. Each captured moment bathed in light and each genuine emotion immortalized brings me incomparable satisfaction.

New York-newborn-family photogrpaher-Manhattan
New York-newborn-photogrpaher-Manhattan
New York-newborn-photogrpaher-Manhattan
New York-newborn-photogrpaher-Manhattan branding

Sensations, emotions, and fleeting moments find eternity through my lens, igniting my drive to enhance my craft. Thus, MOMO SHOT PHOTOGRAPHY was born—a photography studio based in New York, New Jersey. It's where my artistic aspirations intertwine with life's ups and downs, and where I aim to be the friend who truly comprehends your essence.


Momo's photos are beautiful and I absolutely love that they are so real and not posed, it was a very pleasant experience for the four of us. Having dealt with other photographers, we were 100% satisfied.

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